Dental Fillers

Dental Fillings Guatemala

Dental Fillers

Procedures by means of which dental cavities are eliminated and lost tissue is replenished through dental materials commonly known as fillings. These can be made out of amalgam (metallic gray) or resin (white).


Silver Amalgam Fillings

They are the most common and oldest type of filling that have been used in dentistry for the past 100 years. They are made out of an alloy of silver filings, mercury and other metals. Their resistance is high, but due to their lack of good looking aesthetics were replaced by resins.


Resin Fillings

Resin fillers are materials composed of combined synthetic elements that adhere to the teeth. Currently, resins have made great progress in terms of strength, color, speed of application and aesthetics. These can be applied directly in the mouth, or indirectly in the laboratory, depending on the type of resin and the type of cavity that needs to be filled.


How is a filling performed?

Steps to perform a filling:

  • 1. The patient is anesthetized so that the procedure is painless.
  • 2. The decayed tissue is removed until the tooth is completely clean.
  • 3. The tooth is completely isolated from the rest of the mouth to avoid contamination
    from saliva.
  • 4. The chosen material is applied.
  • 5. Adjustments and polish are realized.