Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Endodontics or root canal treatment is the dental procedure by means of which the affected nerve is completely removed from a dental piece that is inflamed, infected or dead due to various causes such as cavities or trauma, among others. The nerve, also called the pulp, is the part that keeps the tooth alive through blood vessels and nerves that run through it. It is responsible for communicating the tooth with the jawbone.

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that is related to the shape, behavior and diseases or conditions of the dental pulp.


How is a root canal treatment realized?

The endodontic treatment consists of eliminating, by means of special files, the tissue that can no longer be regenerated inside the tooth to disinfect and prepare the root canal to finally fill it, eliminating the communication between the tooth and the bone and finally be able to preserve the tooth and not lose it.

Sometimes, the infection at the tip of the root is very resistant and may not disappear after endodontics; in these cases, additional treatments are required in order to preserve the tooth.


Common symptoms for a Root Canal Treatment

A tooth can become discolored, darkened or appear pain when cold and / or warm stimuli or before chewing. There may also be a history of a trauma to the tooth or the performance of a treatment from which the tooth was not recovered. In many cases it does not hurt and the carious lesion has already irreversibly affected the pulp.


Who performs the Root Canal Treatments?

It is highly recommended that the root canal treatment be performed by a specialized dentist who spends all of his time performing these procedures and has the necessary skills and instruments to make it as quick and comfortable as possible for the patient.