Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Guatemala

Wisdom Teeth Extraction


What does this procedure consist of?

Wisdom teeth extraction is carried out most of the time under local anesthetics in a dental clinic. Many times, the patient will be pre-medicated so as to be in the best shape for the surgery. It is always very important to have X-ray studies to be able to evaluate every patients case.


After applying anesthesia in the mouth, a series of small incisions will be made in the area of the wisdom teeth that will be extracted. Using an adequate instrument, the extraction is carried out. When the surgery is finalized, the open area is sutured to prevent post bleeding and accelerate the healing process.


Is it recommended that in some cases, the procedure be carried out under general anesthesia or sedation induced by a qualified anesthetist with plenty of experience with dental patients. This is recommended for very anxious and nervous people.

In either case, drugs are prescribed to prevent infections and control aches and postoperation pain.


Finally, the surgeon hands the patient a set of instructions to follow precisely so as to avoid any complications. These include, but are not limited to: applying ice, resting, eating a specific diet, etc.

Eight days later, the patient is evaluated and sutures are removed while verifying that the healing process has been successful.


Why and when to extract wisdom teeth?

There’s a widely accepted theory that explains that due to the human’s evolution, the size of the maxillary bones has diminished in size while the size of the teeth has remained the same. Therefore, starting from the third molars, they simply don’t have enough space to emerge correctly and they become a problem. It has been argued too that lots of young people don’t even count with them because they were never formed.


With a good quality panoramic X-ray, you can easily verify this fact; therefore, confirming the theory of evolution.

It is very common for wisdom teeth to never emerge and remain impacted inside the maxillary bones causing, sooner or later, pain, difficulty opening the mouth, headaches, infections, and damage to the neighboring teeth. In extreme cases, cysts and tumors can be formed that can lead to serious health issues for the patient.


The extraction of erupted or non-erupted wisdom teeth should ideally be performed between 15 and 25 years. The older the patient is, the more complicated the process becomes; bigger costs, lengthier recovery, etc. All of this because the bone is less malleable and the body’s response becomes slower.


Why at Ceprosi Dental?

At Ceprosi Dental, we count with dental surgeons who specialize in these procedures and have many years of experience carrying them out. Many 4 wisdom teeth extraction surgeries are performed in less than an hour.


We believe and recommend that the 4 wisdom teeth surgery be done in a single session, since the care in terms of medication and rest are much more comfortable for the patient in one single surgical act.